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Last update : 15 July 2024.

The Valley
Number of cities

Below is a list of 100 prominent cities in Anguilla. Each row includes a city's latitude, longitude, region and other variables of interest. This is a subset of all 36 places in Anguilla that you'll find in our World Cities Database. You're free to use the data below for personal or commercial applications. The data below can be downloaded in .csv, .json, .xml and .json formats. Notable Cities: The capital of Anguilla is The Valley.

3573375The QuarterThe QuarterAIThe Quarter18.20799-63.041780America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
3573374The ValleyDe Balei,El Valle,La-Valo,The Valley,Vali,Valis,Valley,Valli,bare,d wly,deobaelli,dy wyly,hwwʼly,ti velli,vali,wa li,Δε Βάλεϊ,Вали,Валли,Валлі,Валі,הוואלי,د ولی,دی ویلی,தி வேல்லி,เดอะแวลลีย์,ვალი,バレー,瓦利,더밸리AIThe Valley18.21704-63.0578372035America/Anguillacapital of a political entity
3573376The FountainAI18.249-63.031210America/Anguillapopulated place
11881216BrimeginAI18.23603-63.049410America/Anguillapopulated place
3573439Long GroundAI18.20225-63.05980America/Anguillapopulated place
3573378FarringtonThe FarringtonAIThe Farrington18.215-63.022380America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
3573432Lower South HillAI18.19209-63.102060America/Anguillapopulated place
3573473East End VillageEast End,East End VillageAIEast End18.23333-630America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
3573407Sandy Ground VillageSandy Ground VillageAISandy Ground18.20118-63.08998274America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
3573456Island HarbourAIIsland Harbour18.25601-63.01020America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
3573412Rey HillAI18.20834-63.043530America/Anguillapopulated place
3573466George HillGeorge HillAIGeorge Hill18.19939-63.06650America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
3573420North Hill VillageAINorth Hill18.20542-63.078470America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
3573380Stoney GroundStoney GroundAIStoney Ground18.22026-63.046070America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
3573503BethelAI18.2-63.10America/Anguillapopulated place
3573438Long PathAI18.21484-63.02450America/Anguillapopulated place
3573489Cauls BottomAI18.22165-63.042150America/Anguillapopulated place
11205445Sandy HillAISandy Hill18.22104-63.013290America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
3573418North SideNorth SideAINorth Side18.22919-63.044010America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
3573477Deep WatersAI18.23501-63.026010America/Anguillapopulated place
3573369WatticesAI18.22674-63.033680America/Anguillapopulated place
3573480Crocus HillCrocus Hill,Saint Mary’s,Saint Mary’sAI18.2172-63.063930America/Anguillapopulated place
3573491CannifistAI18.23363-63.019650America/Anguillapopulated place
3573447Little DixLittle Dicks,Little DixAI18.23261-63.037790America/Anguillapopulated place
3573390Shoal Bay VillageShoal Bay Village,Shoal VillageAI18.25385-63.028860America/Anguillapopulated place
3573362White HillAI18.25327-62.995730America/Anguillapopulated place
3573379The CopseAI18.23347-62.996810America/Anguillapopulated place
3573440Long Bay VillageAISouth Hill18.1876-63.128790America/Anguillapopulated place
11881207Captains RidgeAI18.26168-62.989190America/Anguillapopulated place
3573385South Hill VillageAISouth Hill18.19201-63.087790America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
3573364West End VillageAIWest End18.17191-63.149410America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
3573368Welches HillWelches,Welches HillAI18.2446-63.012170America/Anguillapopulated place
3573421Mount FortuneAI18.24301-62.995520America/Anguillapopulated place
3573472EbenezerAI18.21667-63.066670America/Anguillapopulated place
3573496Blowing Point VillageBlowing Point VillageAIBlowing Point18.17648-63.09375942America/Anguillaseat of a first-order administrative division
11881218Cedar VillageAI18.22734-63.059110America/Anguillapopulated place

**Exploring Anguilla: Unveiling the Hidden Gems of the Caribbean**


As a geographer, delving into the landscapes and cultures of Anguilla unveils a tapestry of geographical wonders and historical significance. In this article, we embark on a journey to obtain data on the cities, regions, and geographical coordinates of Anguilla, shedding light on its diverse topography, vibrant urban centers, and rich cultural heritage.

Mapping the Regions and Districts**

Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory in the Eastern Caribbean, is comprised of several districts, each with its own unique charm and character. From the sandy shores of Sandy Ground to the lush landscapes of Island Harbour, each district offers a glimpse into Anguilla's diverse natural beauty and cultural heritage. Mapping these regions provides valuable insights into Anguilla's geological formations, climate patterns, and historical development.

Exploring Urban Centers and Coastal Villages**

Anguilla's urban centers and coastal villages serve as focal points for commerce, tourism, and community life. The capital, The Valley, is a bustling hub of activity, with its colonial-era architecture and vibrant marketplaces. Beyond the urban centers, quaint coastal villages like Shoal Bay and Meads Bay offer tranquility and charm, attracting visitors with their pristine beaches and scenic vistas. Exploring these urban and rural areas allows geographers to better understand Anguilla's demographic patterns, economic activities, and social dynamics.

Obtaining Latitude and Longitude Data**

Acquiring accurate geographical coordinates for Anguilla's cities and towns is essential for spatial analysis, infrastructure planning, and environmental management. By obtaining latitude and longitude data for each locality, geographers can contribute to mapping efforts, transportation networks, and disaster preparedness initiatives. From the northernmost tip of Anguilla to its southern shores, accurate geospatial information enables better decision-making and sustainable development practices.

Preserving Natural Beauty and Cultural Identity**

Preserving Anguilla's natural beauty and cultural identity is paramount to ensuring the well-being of its people and the integrity of its ecosystems. The island's pristine beaches, coral reefs, and mangrove forests are home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, making conservation efforts crucial for their protection. Additionally, Anguilla's unique blend of African, European, and indigenous cultures is reflected in its music, cuisine, and traditions. By engaging with local communities and conservation organizations, geographers can support initiatives aimed at preserving natural habitats, promoting sustainable tourism, and celebrating cultural heritage.


In conclusion, exploring Anguilla from a geographical perspective reveals a land of unparalleled beauty, resilience, and cultural richness. By obtaining data on its regions, urban centers, and geographical coordinates, we gain valuable insights into the dynamics of this Caribbean paradise and the interconnectedness of its landscapes and cultures. Let us continue to study, protect, and celebrate Anguilla, honoring its past and embracing its future with hope and stewardship.

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