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Cook Islands

Last update : 20 June 2024.

Cook Islands
Number of cities

Below is a list of 100 prominent cities in Cook Islands. Each row includes a city's latitude, longitude, region and other variables of interest. This is a subset of all 52 places in Cook Islands that you'll find in our World Cities Database. You're free to use the data below for personal or commercial applications. The data below can be downloaded in .csv, .json, .xml and .json formats. Notable Cities: The capital of Cook Islands is Avarua.

4035447VaipaeCKAitutaki-18.87102-159.778180Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4036496PueCK-21.20491-159.758230Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035622Ngatiarua VillageNgatiarua,Ngatiarua VillageCKAtiu-19.99813-158.120580Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11876887Atai VillageAtai VillageCK-19.85763-157.718630Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11748274MangareiCKMitiaro-19.85961-157.7180110128Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4036465Mangarei VillageMangarei VillageCK-19.69722-157.716670Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11257381Vai TokaCK-19.26432-158.963170Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035729AreoraAreoraCKAtiu-19.99926-158.116090Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4036511TautuCKAitutaki-18.87437-159.785370Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035481TitikavekaTitikaveka,TitikawekaCK-21.27128-159.758670Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035530Tamarua VillageTamarua,Tamarua VillageCKMangaia-21.95045-157.907990Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035694Ivirua VillageIvirua,Ivirua VillageCKMangaia-21.9177-157.895270Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035715AvaruaAvaroua,Avarua,Avaruo,Avarúa,RAR,a wa lu a,abalua,abarua,avarua,avaruva,avharu’a,awarwa,awarya,xa wa raw,Αβαρούα,Аваруа,Ավարուա,אוורואה,آواروآ,آواریا,अव्हारुआ,அவாருவா,อะวารัว,ཨ་ཝ་རུ་ཨ།,ავარუა,アバルア,阿瓦鲁阿,아바루아CKRarotonga-21.2075-159.7754513373Pacific/Rarotongacapital of a political entity
4035725ArutangaArutanga,ArutungaCKAitutaki-18.86509-159.798080Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4036480Karanga VillageKaranga VillageCKMangaia-21.90784-157.902120Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11748055Arerenga TepereCK-21.22714-159.822320Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4036528ReureuReureuCK-18.86802-159.799160Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4036520VaipekaVaipekaCK-18.84535-159.774590Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035613NukatereNukatereCK-19.81667-157.716670Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035463TukaoTukao,Tuko,Tuko VillageCKManihiki-10.37518-161.010180Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035637MuriMuriCKRarotonga-21.2565-159.732050Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11876927Oiretumu VillageOiretumu VillageCK-20.15268-157.345640Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4036467Kimiangatau VillageKimiangatau VillageCKMa’uke-20.14367-157.356480Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035726Arorangi DistrictArorangiCK-21.2395-159.818070Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4031126Te TautuaTautua,Te TautuaCKPenrhyn-8.95873-157.926210Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035655Mapumai VillageMapumai,Mapumai VillageCKAtiu-19.98909-158.119420Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11876915UreiaUreiaCK-18.86156-159.796920Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035601OneroaOneroa,Temakatea VillageCK-21.92-157.960280Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4036498MataveraMataveraCKRarotonga-21.22444-159.733330Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035755AmuriCKAitutaki-18.85195-159.79293285Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035712AvatiuAvatiuCK-21.20379-159.786620Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035626NgatangiiaNgatangiiaCK-21.23774-159.731580Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035623NgatiaruaNgatiaruaCKMa’uke-20.15278-157.343330Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035730AreoraAreoraCKMa’uke-20.16333-157.344440Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11748275Motu KoeCKPukapuka-10.91229-165.8368289Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11748057Vaiakura TapereCK-21.24026-159.813610Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11876846MataraMataraCK-10.03145-161.101290Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4031141OmokaOmoka,OmokoCKPenrhyn-8.97982-158.05307180Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11748056Akaoa TapereCK-21.23574-159.819620Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035612NukuaoNukuaoCK-20.13333-157.366670Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4036432PalmerstonHome,Palmerston,Palmerston Island Village,VillageCKPalmerston-18.05525-163.208840Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11748276Moto KavataCKPukapuka-10.89261-165.8677273Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035523TauhunuTauhunu,Tauhunu VillageCKManihiki-10.42361-161.0339869Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11748278NivanoCKRakahanga-10.03174-161.101760Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
8556382Vaimaanga TapereCKRarotonga-21.2571-159.791680Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11876886Auta VillageAuta VillageCK-19.8589-157.717930Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4036522NikauparaNikauparaCKAitutaki-18.87116-159.80070Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035494Tengatangi VillageTengatangi,Tengatangi VillageCKAtiu-19.99347-158.11470Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035509Teenui VillageTe Enui,Teenui,Teenui VillageCKAtiu-19.99273-158.122650Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4036495NikaoCK-21.20667-159.809440Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
11876908Takaue VillageTakaue VillageCK-19.86237-157.718980Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place
4035632NatikiteaNatikiteaCK-20.01667-158.116670Pacific/Rarotongapopulated place

**Exploring the Cook Islands: An Expedition into the South Pacific**


Embarking on an exploration of the Cook Islands' geographical landscape is akin to setting sail into the heart of the South Pacific's mesmerizing beauty. As a geographer captivated by the diversity of our planet's landscapes, delving into the spatial dynamics of the Cook Islands offers a unique voyage of discovery. In this narrative, we embark on a quest to obtain geographical data encompassing the cities, regions, and departments of the Cook Islands, with a particular focus on uncovering the latitude and longitude coordinates of each urban center.

Unveiling the Cook Islands: Jewels of Polynesia**

The Cook Islands, a scattering of 15 islands in the vast expanse of the South Pacific Ocean, are renowned for their pristine beaches, turquoise lagoons, and lush tropical landscapes. From the bustling hub of Rarotonga to the remote atolls of Manihiki and Penrhyn, the geography of the Cook Islands is as diverse as it is breathtaking. Beyond their natural beauty, the Cook Islands' rich Polynesian culture and warm hospitality add layers of depth to their geographical tapestry. As we set out to explore their urban and rural landscapes, we are immersed in a world of wonder and fascination.

Navigating Administrative Divisions: Understanding the Cook Islands' Territorial Framework**

Within the Cook Islands' administrative structure lie divisions that offer insights into the nation's governance and spatial organization. From the administrative center of Avarua on Rarotonga to the outer islands with their own distinctive communities, each administrative unit plays a unique role in shaping the country's geography. As we delve deeper into the regions and departments of the Cook Islands, we gain a greater understanding of their diverse cultural and environmental landscapes.

Data Quest: Capturing the Essence of Latitude and Longitude**

Central to our exploration is the quest to obtain precise geographic coordinates, unlocking the spatial essence of the Cook Islands' cities and settlements. Latitude and longitude data serve as our compass, guiding us through the azure waters of the lagoons and the lush greenery of the islands. From the vibrant streets of Avarua to the secluded beaches of Aitutaki, each set of coordinates reveals a new facet of the Cook Islands' geographical diversity.

Interpreting Insights: From Data to Geographic Understanding**

As data streams in, meticulously gathered and analyzed, patterns begin to emerge, offering insights into the Cook Islands' population distribution, economic activities, and environmental characteristics. Through the lens of geographic data, we gain a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of people and place. From the traditional villages of Mangaia to the tourist hotspots of Muri Beach, the Cook Islands' geography reflects the rich tapestry of Polynesian culture and natural splendor.

Challenges and Reflections: Navigating the Geographical Terrain**

Yet, our journey is not without its challenges. The remote and dispersed nature of the Cook Islands presents unique obstacles in obtaining accurate geographical data. From navigating between islands to accessing information from local communities, the pursuit of geographic knowledge requires patience, perseverance, and a deep respect for the cultural and environmental sensitivities of the region.


In conclusion, the Cook Islands stand as jewels in the crown of the South Pacific, offering a treasure trove of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Through the lens of geographic data acquisition, we embark on a journey to unravel the spatial intricacies of this enchanting archipelago. As we delve deeper into the Cook Islands' urban and rural landscapes, armed with geographical coordinates and a spirit of inquiry, we are reminded of the profound interconnectedness between data and geographic understanding, paving the way for new discoveries and insights in the field of geography.

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