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Saint Helena

Last update : 15 July 2024.

Saint Helena
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Below is a list of 100 prominent cities in Saint Helena. Each row includes a city's latitude, longitude, region and other variables of interest. This is a subset of all 13 places in Saint Helena that you'll find in our World Cities Database. You're free to use the data below for personal or commercial applications. The data below can be downloaded in .csv, .json, .xml and .json formats. Notable Cities: The capital of Saint Helena is Jamestown.

2411327ThorntonSHAscension-7.93333-14.416670Atlantic/St_Helenapopulated place
3370831New GroundSHSaint Helena-15.94395-5.72490Atlantic/St_Helenapopulated place
3370880LevelwoodLevelwoodSHSaint Helena-15.96667-5.68333275Atlantic/St_Helenapopulated place
3370726Edinburgh of the Seven SeasEdimburgo de los Siete Mares,Edimburgo dos Sete Mares,Edinburg Sedam Mora,Edinburg semi moriv,Edinburga Septinas Juras,Edinburga Septiņās Jūrās,Edinburgas,Edinburgh,Edinburgh-of-the-Seven-Seas,Ehdinburg,Ehdynburg-Sjami-Morau,Eideann na Seachd Muir,Karedin an Seyth Moryow,Settlement of Edinburgh,Tristan Island Settlement,Tristan Settlement,Yeddi dəniz Edinburqu,qi hai ai ding bao,xe din beirk xxf dexa se wen sis,Èideann na Seachd Muir,Единбург Седам Мора,Единбург семи морів,Эдинбург,Эдынбург-Сямі-Мораў,Յոթ ծովերի Էդինբուրգ,אדינבורו על שבעת הימים,سات سمندر کا ایڈنبرا,เอดินเบิร์กออฟเดอะเซเวนซีส์,エディンバラ・オブ・ザ・セブン・シーズ,七海爱丁堡SHTristan da Cunha-37.06757-12.3115510271Atlantic/St_Helenaseat of a first-order administrative division
3370907Hutts GateSHSaint Helena-15.96667-5.70Atlantic/St_Helenapopulated place
3370936Half Tree HollowHalf Tree HollowSHSaint Helena-15.93723-5.71996830Atlantic/St_Helenapopulated place
7730332Barren GroundSHSaint Helena-15.98028-5.750Atlantic/St_Helenapopulated place
2572137Two Boats VillageSHAscension-7.94466-14.370810Atlantic/St_Helenapopulated place
3370867LongwoodLongwoodSHSaint Helena-15.94916-5.68571701Atlantic/St_Helenapopulated place
3370903JamestownCeymstaun,Dzeimstauna,Dzeimstaunas,Dzejmstaun,Dzhehjmstaun,Dzhejmstaun,Džeimstauna,Džeimstaunas,HLE,Iacobopolis,Jamestauno,Jamestown,Tzeimstaoun,Zhejmstaun,cems thawn,jeimseutaun,jemsata’una,jemstavun,jemuzutaun,jyms tawn,jymz ٹawn synٹ ہlyna,jymztawn synt hlyna,zhan mu si dui,Ĵamestaŭno,Τζέιμσταουν,Џејмстаун,Джеймстаун,Джэймстаўн,Жеймстаун,גיימסטאון,דזשיימסטאן,جيمس تاون,جیمز ٹاون، سینٹ ہلینا,جیمزتاون، سینت هلینا,جیمزٹاؤن,جەیمستاون,जेम्सटाउन,ஜேம்ஸ்டவுன்,เจมส์ทาวน์,ჯეიმზტაუნი,ジェームズタウン,詹姆斯敦,제임스타운SHSaint Helena-15.93872-5.7167510637Atlantic/St_Helenacapital of a political entity
2411397GeorgetownASI,Corctaun,Dzhordzhtaun,Dzordztaun,Dzordztauna,Dzordztaunas,Džordžtauna,Džordžtaunas,Georgetown,Georgetown pa Ascension,Georgetown på Ascension,cxrc thawn,jarj tavun,jojitaun,qiao zhi dui,Џорџтаун,Джорджтаун,Ջորջթաուն,جارج ٹاؤن، جزیرہ اسینشن,ஜார்ஜ் டவுன்,จอร์จทาวน์,ジョージタウン,乔治敦,조지타운SHAscension-7.92861-14.41194538Atlantic/St_Helenaseat of a first-order administrative division
3370695TaglateSHSaint Helena-15.96667-5.683330Atlantic/St_Helenapopulated place
3371004DeadwoodSHSaint Helena-15.93333-5.683330Atlantic/St_Helenapopulated place

**Exploring the Geographical Landscape of Saint Helena**


Welcome to Saint Helena, a remote island territory located in the South Atlantic Ocean. As a geographer, I invite you to embark on a journey to uncover the geographical data of Saint Helena's cities, regions, and departments, while also obtaining the latitude and longitude coordinates of each urban center. Through this exploration, we will gain valuable insights into the unique geography of this captivating island nation.

Discovering Saint Helena's Urban Centers**

Saint Helena is home to several charming urban centers, each with its own distinct character and history. From the capital city of Jamestown, nestled in a lush valley surrounded by rugged cliffs, to the quaint villages scattered across the island's interior, Saint Helena's urban landscape is as diverse as it is picturesque. By gathering data on these cities, we can better understand the socio-economic dynamics and cultural heritage of Saint Helena.

Mapping Latitude and Longitude Coordinates**

Our exploration extends beyond the confines of urban areas as we map out the latitude and longitude coordinates of each city in Saint Helena. These geographic coordinates serve as reference points, guiding us through the island's dramatic landscapes, from the towering peaks of Diana's Peak National Park to the pristine beaches of Sandy Bay. By plotting these coordinates, we can visualize the spatial distribution of Saint Helena's urban centers and natural features.

Exploring Regional Divisions**

Saint Helena is divided into several regions and districts, each with its own unique geography and ecosystem. From the rugged terrain of the Central District to the fertile valleys of the Longwood District, Saint Helena's regional divisions reflect its rich environmental diversity. By exploring these regions, we can gain insights into the island's ecological heritage and resource management practices.

Interpreting Spatial Data**

Through the analysis of spatial data, we can uncover patterns and trends that shape Saint Helena's geographical landscape. From population distribution and land use to environmental conservation and tourism development, these spatial insights provide valuable information for policymakers and researchers. By interpreting this data, we can identify opportunities for sustainable development and conservation efforts on the island.


In conclusion, our exploration of Saint Helena's geography has revealed a land of stunning natural beauty, cultural richness, and environmental significance. By obtaining data on its cities, regions, and geographic coordinates, we have gained valuable insights into the island's urban morphology and spatial dynamics. As we continue to study and protect Saint Helena's natural heritage, we are reminded of the importance of preserving its biodiversity, promoting sustainable development, and fostering community resilience for generations to come.

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