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Western Sahara

Last update : 20 June 2024.

Western Sahara
Number of cities

Below is a list of 100 prominent cities in Western Sahara. Each row includes a city's latitude, longitude, region and other variables of interest. This is a subset of all 34 places in Western Sahara that you'll find in our World Cities Database. You're free to use the data below for personal or commercial applications. The data below can be downloaded in .csv, .json, .xml and .json formats. Notable Cities: The capital of Western Sahara is .

11748653MijjikEH23.44667-12.818040Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
7415419ItmlilyEH23.28106-15.922420Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2461667TifaritiTfariti,Tifarita,Tifariti,tfaryty,tyfaryty,تفاريتي,تيفاريتيEH26.1579-10.558890Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2463447DakhlaAd - Dakhla,Ad Dakhla,Dajla,Dakhla,Dakhlah,Factoria Villa Cisneros,VIL,Villa Cisneras,Villa Cisneros,aldakhlt,dakhlh,Дахла,الداخلة,داخلهEH23.68477-15.9579875000Africa/El_Aaiunseat of a first-order administrative division
2461677TichlaTachla,Techle,Techlé,TichlaEH21.5837-14.972220Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462744Hasi el FauuarEH22.68333-12.716670Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2463029BoujdourBoujdour,Cabo Bojador,Cape Blanc,bwjdwr,بوجدور,ⴱⵓⵊⴷⵓⵔEH26.13073-14.4851342651Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2461423ZugSug,Zoug,Zoûg,ZugEH21.56523-14.103880Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2463090Bu CraaBou Kra,Bu CraaEH26.35389-12.783890Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462881LaayouneAaium,Aaiun,Aaiún,Aiun,Ajuno,Al Ayoun,Al-Aaiun,Al-Ajoen,Al-Ayun,Al-Ujun,EUN,Ehl’-Ajun,Ejbei Uad el Aabd,El Aaiun,El Aaiún,El Aium,El Aiun,El Aiún,El Ajun,El Ayun,El-Aaiun,El-Aaiún,La’Youn,Laayoune,Laâyoune,La’Youn,O Aiún - العيون,a you en,aiun,el-aiun,Ел Ајун,Эль-Аюн,العيون,العیون,アイウン,阿尤恩,엘아이운EH27.1418-13.18797196331Africa/El_Aaiunseat of a first-order administrative division
2462900DchiraAd Dchira,Dchira,EdcheraEH27.02611-13.051940Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2461993Laayoune PlageLaayoune Plage,Playa de Aaiun,Playa de Aaiún,Playa del Aaiun,Playa del AaiúnEH27.09611-13.4158310450Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462955Uad DamranDaora,Dora,Uad DamranEH27.4625-12.992220Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2463112Bir GanduzAnzarane,Bir Gandus,Bir Ganduz,Bir Gandús,Bir Ghandouz,byr kndwz,بئر كندوزEH21.60336-16.450180Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462123Al MahbasAl Mahbas,Mahbes,MahbésEH27.41434-9.047850Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462076MetmárfagEH26.43333-13.433330Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462879El AargubAargub,Al ’Argoub,Al ’Argoub,El ’Argoub,El Aargub,El Argub,El ’Argoûb,Fondeadero del Aaiun,Fondeadero del AaiúnEH23.60882-15.867260Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462628Samlat el HMadEH27.43333-12.40Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2463113Bir AnzaraneBir Anzaraen,Bir Anzarane,Bir Enzaran,Bir Enzarán,Bir Nasaran,Bir Nazaran,Uad el BirEH23.89-14.536030Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2461422EchdeiriaEchdeiria,Echediria,EdchedereiaEH27.23333-10.450Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
8504646Foum el OuedEH27.17357-13.398860450Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2463386AghwinitAghwinit,Aguenit,AgüenitEH22.1934-13.140930Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462188LemsidEH26.53914-13.838760Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462514Jcheibi el GardegEH27.26667-10.383330Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2463290Amseisat SaccumAmseisat Saccum,Hsaysat - As - SakoumEH22.95911-15.59980Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462653Hasi GueleitaGaltat Zemmour,Guelta Zemmur,Guelta Zemur,Hasi GueleitaEH24.99528-12.336940Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
9645564DaouraEH27.46175-12.99412900Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
8300874MijekMijekEH23.44905-12.825420Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2463111Bir GandufBir Ganduf,Bir Gundus,Bir GundúsEH26.11667-11.066670Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462899EchderaEchdera,EdcheraEH23.93333-15.616670Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462982Hasi ChorEH21.29987-13.013380Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462651Uad GuenifaGueria,La Aguera,La Aguerra,La Agüera,La Aquera,La Guera,La Güera,Laguira,Uad GuenifaEH20.83228-17.089880Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
7390717SdarEH22.25346-14.657910Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place
2462493Piedra del KaisserKhreibichat,Khreïbichat,Piedra del KaisserEH27.23333-11.783330Africa/El_Aaiunpopulated place

**Exploring Western Sahara: A Geographer's Journey**


Embarking on a geographical exploration of Western Sahara unveils a land of stark beauty, complex geopolitics, and unique environmental challenges. As a geographer delving into the data of Western Sahara's cities, regions, and geographical coordinates, we uncover a wealth of insights into the territory's spatial dynamics and cultural heritage.

Mapping the Regions and Administrative Divisions**

Western Sahara, situated in North Africa, is characterized by vast expanses of desert, rugged mountains, and coastal plains. While its sovereignty remains disputed, the territory is divided into regions and administrative divisions. Each area possesses its own distinct geography, climate, and cultural identity. From the desert landscapes of Dakhla and Laayoune to the coastal towns of El Aaiun and Smara, mapping these regions provides valuable insights into Western Sahara's diverse topography and human settlement patterns.

Exploring Urban Centers and Rural Communities**

Western Sahara's urban centers and rural communities serve as focal points for human activity and socio-economic development. The capital city, Laayoune, located along the Atlantic coast, is the largest urban center in the territory, housing administrative offices, commercial establishments, and cultural institutions. In contrast, remote villages and nomadic encampments scattered across the desert hinterlands maintain traditional ways of life, relying on pastoralism, trade, and artisanal crafts for sustenance. Exploring these urban-rural dynamics allows geographers to analyze spatial inequalities, demographic trends, and socio-economic disparities within Western Sahara.

Obtaining Geographical Coordinates**

Acquiring accurate geographical coordinates for Western Sahara's cities and towns is essential for cartographic mapping, navigation, and disaster management. By obtaining latitude and longitude data for each locality, geographers contribute to spatial analysis, resource planning, and environmental monitoring efforts. From the oases of Smara and Tifariti to the border towns of Guerguerat and Bir Gandouz, precise geospatial information facilitates better decision-making and infrastructure development across Western Sahara.

Preserving Cultural Heritage and Environmental Sustainability**

Preserving Western Sahara's cultural heritage and environmental sustainability is paramount for fostering resilience and promoting peace in the region. The territory's rich history, encompassing indigenous Berber traditions, Sahrawi nomadic customs, and Spanish colonial legacies, is reflected in its architecture, language, and cultural practices. Moreover, efforts to conserve its natural resources, including water, land, and biodiversity, are crucial for mitigating desertification, promoting sustainable agriculture, and safeguarding ecosystem services. By collaborating with local communities, international organizations, and governmental agencies, geographers play a pivotal role in protecting Western Sahara's cultural heritage and ecological integrity for future generations.


In conclusion, navigating through Western Sahara's geographical complexities reveals a territory of immense cultural diversity, environmental fragility, and geopolitical significance. By obtaining data on its regions, urban centers, and geographical coordinates, we gain valuable insights into the spatial dynamics and human-environment interactions shaping Western Sahara's past, present, and future. Let us continue to explore, document, and preserve the unique heritage and natural beauty of this contested land, fostering understanding, resilience, and sustainable development for all its inhabitants.

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