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Last update : 19 May 2024.

Number of cities

Below is a list of 100 prominent cities in Guam. Each row includes a city's latitude, longitude, region and other variables of interest. This is a subset of all 20 places in Guam that you'll find in our World Cities Database. You're free to use the data below for personal or commercial applications. The data below can be downloaded in .csv, .json, .xml and .json formats. Notable Cities: The capital of Guam is Hagåtña.

4038733Umatac VillageHumatak,Humåtak,San Antonio de Umatag,Umatag,Ville D’UmataGUUmatac13.29843144.663143903Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4038588Sinajana VillageSinahanna,SinajanaGUSinajana13.46334144.75406552853Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4043909Dededo VillageDediduGUDededo13.51777144.83919844943Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4043499Inarajan VillageInalahan,Inalajan,InalåhanGUInarajan13.27363144.7484533052Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4043656Barrigada VillageBarigada,BarigådaGUBarrigada13.46913144.79901668875Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4038554Santa Rita VillageSanta RitaGUSanta Rita13.38608144.67226667500Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4044012HagåtñaAgadna,Agana,Agana -1998,Agania,Aganija,Aganja,Agano,Agaña,Aguana,Akashi,Akashi - JP renamed WW2,Ankana,City of Ignacio de Agana,City of Saint Ignacio de Agana,Ciudad de San Ignacio de Agana,Hagadna,Hagatna,Hagåtña,Haqatna,Jagatna,Khagatna,San Ignacio de Agana *,Ville d’Agana,Vjoska Agan’ja,a jia ni ya,akatna,ha katya,hagania,hagasnya,hagatna,hagatnya,haghatnya,hegatn’ya,Αγκάνα,Вёска Аганья,Хагатна,Хагатња,Հագատնա,هاغاتنيا,هاگاتنا,هاگاتنیا,हेगात्न्या,அகாத்ன,ฮากาตญา,ჰაგატნა,ハガニア,阿加尼亚,하갓냐GUHagatna13.47567144.7488631051Pacific/Guamcapital of a political entity
7268049Mangilao VillageManguilao,ManguuaoGUMangilao13.44761144.801096215191Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
7874008Hagåtña VillageAgana -1998,Akashi WW2GUHagatna13.47279144.7580241051Pacific/Guampopulated place
4043525Agana Heights VillageAgana Heights,Hagatna Heights,TutuhanGUAgana Heights13.46559144.74795523940Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4043812Asan-Maina VillageAssanGUAsan13.47215144.7165432137Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4043399Merizo VillageMaleso,Malesso,MericoGUMerizo13.26584144.66908752152Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4038473Piti VillagePetey,Piti Vilage,Piti VillageGUPiti13.46256144.6933131666Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4043615Chalan Pago-Ordot VillageChalan Pagu,Chalan Pagu-Otdot,Chalan Pågu-OtdotGUChalan Pago-Ordot13.44741144.75902386822Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4038794Yigo VillageYiguGUYigo13.53605144.8885514020539Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4038659Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon VillageMaria Christina,TimonengGUTamuning13.48773144.781381319685Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4038647Talofofo VillagePre-WW2 Part of Inarajan,Talo’fo’fo,Talo`fo`foGUTalofofo13.35513144.75835903215Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4043804Agat VillageHagat,HågatGUAgat13.383144.6600335656Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
4038809Yona VillageYo’ na,Yo`na,Yo’ ñaGUYona13.40974144.77697906484Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division
7873866Mongmong-Toto-Maite VillageGUMongmong-Toto-Maite13.46857144.78214436825Pacific/Guamseat of a first-order administrative division

**Exploring Guam: A Geographer's Perspective**


As a geographer, delving into the geography of Guam unveils a rich tapestry of landscapes, cultures, and communities nestled in the heart of the Western Pacific. In this article, we embark on a journey to obtain data on the cities of Guam, including their regions and departments, as well as the latitude and longitude coordinates of each city. Through this exploration, we aim to gain insights into the unique geographical features and spatial dynamics of this enchanting island territory.

Mapping the Regions and Departments**

Guam, an unincorporated territory of the United States, boasts a diverse geography characterized by lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and rugged limestone cliffs. Mapping the regions and departments of Guam reveals the island's intricate topography and land use patterns, shaped by volcanic activity, erosion, and human settlement. From the bustling capital of Hagåtña to the remote villages of Umatac, each region and department offers a glimpse into Guam's cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Exploring Urban Centers and Coastal Communities**

The cities and towns of Guam serve as focal points of economic activity, cultural exchange, and social interaction. From the bustling streets of Tamuning to the tranquil shores of Yona, exploring Guam's urban centers and coastal communities unveils a mosaic of diversity and dynamism. By analyzing the spatial distribution of population, infrastructure, and economic development, geographers can assess the impact of urbanization, tourism, and globalization on Guam's socio-economic landscape.

Obtaining Latitude and Longitude Data**

Accurate geographical coordinates are essential for mapping Guam's cities, towns, and natural landmarks with precision. Obtaining latitude and longitude data for each city enables geographers to create detailed maps, conduct spatial analysis, and support decision-making processes. By mapping the geographical coordinates of Guam's urban and rural areas, geographers can contribute to disaster preparedness, environmental conservation, and sustainable development initiatives, ensuring the resilience and prosperity of the island territory.


In conclusion, exploring the geography of Guam offers a deeper understanding of its cultural heritage, environmental challenges, and socio-economic opportunities. By obtaining data on the cities of Guam, including their regions and departments, as well as latitude and longitude coordinates, geographers can unravel the complexities of this Pacific paradise and contribute to informed decision-making and sustainable development efforts. Let us continue to explore and appreciate the geographical wonders of Guam, preserving its natural beauty and cultural diversity for generations to come.

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