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Cayman Islands

Last update : 19 May 2024.

Cayman Islands
George Town
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Below is a list of 100 prominent cities in Cayman Islands. Each row includes a city's latitude, longitude, region and other variables of interest. This is a subset of all 64 places in Cayman Islands that you'll find in our World Cities Database. You're free to use the data below for personal or commercial applications. The data below can be downloaded in .csv, .json, .xml and .json formats. Notable Cities: The capital of Cayman Islands is George Town.

3580553ProspectKY19.27971-81.332770America/Caymanpopulated place
3580692CreekKY19.74435-79.765740America/Caymanpopulated place
3580575North SideNorth Side,North Side VillageKYNorth Side19.35-81.21902America/Caymanseat of a first-order administrative division
3580475West EndKYSister Island19.69192-79.88160America/Caymanpopulated place
3580725BreakersKY19.2961-81.198440America/Caymanpopulated place
9241039Rum PointKY19.36415-81.261450America/Caymanpopulated place
3580663Frenchman’s FortKYSister Island19.69395-79.879060America/Caymanpopulated place
3580563Old StoresKY19.39273-81.393580America/Caymanpopulated place
3580580NewlandsNewland,NewlandsKY19.28542-81.3020America/Caymanpopulated place
3580566Old Man BayOld Man Bay,Old Man VillageKY19.34419-81.176520America/Caymanpopulated place
3580491Town Hall CrescentKY19.37462-81.406550America/Caymanpopulated place
3580471Whitehall EstatesWhitehall Estate,Whitehall EstatesKY19.31313-81.382080America/Caymanpopulated place
3580636High Rock EstatesKY19.29875-81.146540America/Caymanpopulated place
3580540Saint JamesKY19.26713-81.288870America/Caymanpopulated place
3580733Bodden TownBodden,Bodden TownKYBodden Town19.27647-81.254214845America/Caymanseat of a first-order administrative division
3580620Knob HillKYSister Island19.69237-79.877610America/Caymanpopulated place
3580601Lower ValleyKY19.2804-81.284310America/Caymanpopulated place
3580547Red Bay EstateRed Bay,Red Bay EstateKY19.28724-81.341250America/Caymanpopulated place
3580484Water GroundKY19.37581-81.400260America/Caymanpopulated place
3580661George TownCorctaun,Dzhordzh Taun,Dzhordzhtaun,Dzordz Taun,Dzordztaun,Dzordztaunas,Džordžtaunas,GCM,George Town,George Town pa Caymanoyane,George Town på Caymanøyane,Georgetown,Georgurbo,Georĝurbo,Tzortz Taoun,cxrc thawn,gwrg tʼwn,jarj tavun,jojitaun,jorjata’una,jwrj tawn,qiao zhi dui,qiao zhi dun,Τζωρτζ Τάουν,Џорџ Таун,Џорџтаун,Джордж Таун,Джорджтаун,Джорджтаўн,גורג טאון,جارج ٹاؤن، جزائر کیمین,جرج‌تاون، جزایر کیمن,جورج تاون,जॉर्जटाउन,ஜார்ஜ் டவுன்,จอร์จทาวน์,ჯორჯტაუნი,ジョージタウン,喬治敦,조지타운KYGeorge Town19.2866-81.3743629370America/Caymancapital of a political entity
3580498The CommonKY19.3793-81.401020America/Caymanpopulated place
3580488VicksvilleKY19.37754-81.416370America/Caymanpopulated place
3580742BlakesKY19.30338-81.097530America/Caymanpopulated place
3580572North Sound EstatesKY19.29303-81.302420America/Caymanpopulated place
3580490Tropical GardensKY19.29124-81.348940America/Caymanpopulated place
3580633HutlandKY19.34922-81.213460America/Caymanpopulated place
11205015Seven MilesKY19.33366-81.380620America/Caymanpopulated place
3580518South TownBlossom Village,South Hole,South TownKYSister Island19.65939-80.083820America/Caymanpopulated place
3580723BrinkleysKY19.34909-81.24090America/Caymanpopulated place
3580562Omega GardensKY19.29239-81.326750America/Caymanpopulated place
3580717Cayman PalmsKY19.27759-81.26990America/Caymanpopulated place
3580758BanksvilleKYSister Island19.70113-79.848260America/Caymanpopulated place
3580754Battle GroundKY19.37658-81.39490America/Caymanpopulated place
3580497The MooringsKYSister Island19.73333-79.783330America/Caymanpopulated place
3580529SavannahKY19.2806-81.298660America/Caymanpopulated place
3580571North WardKY19.28439-81.270530America/Caymanpopulated place
3580533Sand BluffKY19.31788-81.088020America/Caymanpopulated place
3580583Mount PleasantKY19.38329-81.391370America/Caymanpopulated place
3580678East EndEast End,Old IsaacsKYEast End19.3-81.116671846America/Caymanseat of a first-order administrative division
3580590Midland AcresKY19.29862-81.220610America/Caymanpopulated place
3580729BotabanoKY19.37709-81.384690America/Caymanpopulated place
3580477West BayWest Bay,West EndKYWest Bay19.38197-81.3928115335America/Caymanseat of a first-order administrative division
3580587Molusca HeightsKY19.73232-79.787450America/Caymanpopulated place
9294258Little CaymanKYSister Island19.66114-80.109840America/Caymanseat of a first-order administrative division
3580557Pease BayKY19.28781-81.241660America/Caymanpopulated place
3580556PedroKY19.27581-81.274870America/Caymanpopulated place
3580743Birch Tree HillKY19.38478-81.399910America/Caymanpopulated place
3580551Prospect ParkKY19.28072-81.33020America/Caymanpopulated place
3580751Belford EstatesKY19.28472-81.24640America/Caymanpopulated place
3580682Driftwood VillageKY19.35339-81.246470America/Caymanpopulated place
3580699Cork LandingKYSister Island19.68375-80.032440America/Caymanpopulated place
3580650Gun BayGun Bay,Gun Bay VillageKY19.31077-81.092020America/Caymanpopulated place
3580496The MooringsKYSister Island19.73128-79.794110America/Caymanpopulated place
3580510Spot BayKY19.75433-79.745920America/Caymanpopulated place
3580489Upper LandKY19.36258-81.387030America/Caymanpopulated place
3580494Tibbetts TurnKY19.73345-79.783740America/Caymanpopulated place
3580724Breezy CastleKY19.29613-81.360680America/Caymanpopulated place
3580639HellKY19.3801-81.406940America/Caymanpopulated place
3580647Half Moon BayKY19.29689-81.151020America/Caymanpopulated place
3580641Head of BayKYSister Island19.6687-80.06720America/Caymanpopulated place
3580679Dusty PlaceKY19.3787-81.395070America/Caymanpopulated place
3580506SpottsKY19.2742-81.312560America/Caymanpopulated place
3580701Coral GablesKY19.37329-81.41420America/Caymanpopulated place
3580739Blossom PointKYSister Island19.66673-80.08380America/Caymanpopulated place

**Exploring the Cayman Islands: Unveiling the Geographic Wonders**

Introduction: Delving into the Geographical Mysteries of the Cayman Islands**

As a geographer delving into the captivating realm of the Cayman Islands, I embark on a journey to uncover the geographical intricacies that define this Caribbean archipelago. With a focus on obtaining data on the cities of the Cayman Islands, including their regions and departments, as well as the latitude and longitude of each urban center, I aim to unravel the spatial dimensions of this tropical paradise. From the vibrant capital of George Town to the quaint villages scattered across the islands, each locality contributes to the rich tapestry of the Cayman Islands' geography.

Discovering Urban Centers: From George Town to West Bay**

The Cayman Islands' urban centers serve as hubs of activity and cultural exchange, each with its own distinct character and charm. In George Town, the bustling capital located on Grand Cayman, visitors are greeted by a blend of modernity and tradition, with vibrant street markets, historic landmarks, and a bustling harbor. Meanwhile, on the western coast of Grand Cayman lies West Bay, a tranquil community known for its pristine beaches and laid-back atmosphere. By exploring the regions and departments encompassing these urban centers, we gain valuable insights into the administrative structure and demographic composition of the Cayman Islands' urban landscape.

Mapping Latitude and Longitude: Navigating the Island Chain**

Obtaining precise latitude and longitude data for each city in the Cayman Islands enables us to navigate the archipelago with accuracy and precision. From the northern tip of Grand Cayman to the southern shores of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, these geographical coordinates serve as essential tools for understanding the spatial distribution of human settlements and natural features across the islands. Furthermore, they facilitate the identification of key environmental characteristics, such as coastal ecosystems, coral reefs, and marine biodiversity, informing conservation efforts and sustainable development initiatives.

Exploring Regional Variation: From Grand Cayman to Sister Islands**

Beyond its urban centers, the Cayman Islands encompass a diverse range of geographical regions, each characterized by its own unique topography, climate, and biodiversity. Grand Cayman, the largest and most populous island, boasts a diverse landscape ranging from sandy beaches and mangrove forests to limestone caves and inland wetlands. Meanwhile, the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman offer a more tranquil and pristine environment, with rugged coastlines, pristine reefs, and abundant wildlife. By examining the spatial distribution of cities and towns across these regions, we can analyze patterns of settlement, land use, and environmental conservation, contributing to a deeper understanding of the Cayman Islands' geographic diversity and ecological resilience.

Conclusion: Embracing the Geographic Majesty of the Cayman Islands**

In conclusion, the Cayman Islands stand as a testament to the power and beauty of nature, offering a treasure trove of geographical wonders waiting to be explored. As we continue our journey as geographers, let us embrace the challenge of unraveling the mysteries of this enchanting archipelago, while also recognizing the importance of preserving its natural heritage and cultural identity for generations to come.

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