Montserrat cities list with latitude and longitude in CSV, XML, SQL, JSON format


Last update : 19 May 2024.

Number of cities

Below is a list of 100 prominent cities in Montserrat. Each row includes a city's latitude, longitude, region and other variables of interest. This is a subset of all 37 places in Montserrat that you'll find in our World Cities Database. You're free to use the data below for personal or commercial applications. The data below can be downloaded in .csv, .json, .xml and .json formats. Notable Cities: The capital of Montserrat is Plymouth.

3578132Judy PieceJudy Piece,Judy Piece VillageMSSaint Georges16.78086-62.193090America/Montserratpopulated place
3578100MolyneuxMSSaint Georges16.72684-62.197120America/Montserratpopulated place
3578106Mango HillMSSaint Georges16.77616-62.196730America/Montserratpopulated place
3578038Saint PetersSaint Peter’s VillageMSSaint Peter16.7727-62.217290America/Montserratseat of a first-order administrative division
9260782ElbertonMS16.72511-62.227810America/Montserratpopulated place
3578006Trant’sMSSaint Georges16.76534-62.164080America/Montserratpopulated place
3578028Soldier GhautMSSaint Peter16.7827-62.211170America/Montserratpopulated place
3578069PlymouthPlimouth,Plimut,Plimutas,Plimuto,Plymouth,Plymouth pa Montserrat,Plymouth på Montserrat,blymwth,peullimeoseu,phli math,plymwt,pu li mao si,purimasu,Πλίμουθ,Плимут,Плимът,Плімут,פלימות,بليموث,پلایماؤت، مانٹسریٹ,پلی‌موث، مونتسرات,พลิมัท,პლიმუთი,プリマス,普利茅斯,플리머스MSSaint Anthony16.70555-62.212920America/Montserratcapital of a political entity
3578041Saint John’s VillageSaint John,Saint John’sMSSaint Peter16.78215-62.19103627America/Montserratpopulated place
3578127KinsaleKinsale VillageMSSaint Anthony16.69593-62.208580America/Montserratpopulated place
3578148HarrisHarris Village,Harris’ VillageMSSaint Georges16.74172-62.171240America/Montserratpopulated place
3578173FogartyFogarty,Fogharty VillageMSSaint Peter16.77334-62.213830America/Montserratpopulated place
3577993VictoriaVictoria,Victoria VillageMSSaint Anthony16.70005-62.218090America/Montserratpopulated place
3578197Davy HillMSSaint Peter16.79443-62.20510America/Montserratpopulated place
3578150Gun HillMSSaint Georges16.72972-62.191710America/Montserratpopulated place
3578149Happy HillHappy Hill,Happy Hill VillageMSSaint Peter16.74189-62.223010America/Montserratpopulated place
3578050Roche’s YardMSSaint Anthony16.70155-62.156880America/Montserratpopulated place
3578185FarmFarm,Farm VillageMSSaint Georges16.7353-62.165060America/Montserratpopulated place
3578037SalemMSSaint Peter16.75095-62.22175680America/Montserratpopulated place
3578210Cavalla HillCavalla Hill,Cavalla Hill VillageMSSaint Peter16.77658-62.205740America/Montserratpopulated place
3578160Gerald’sMSSaint Peter16.79575-62.19356314America/Montserratpopulated place
3577992Virgin IslandsMSSaint Peter16.77874-62.217340America/Montserratpopulated place
3578250Baker HillBaker Hill,Baker Hill VillageMSSaint Peter16.7774-62.209390America/Montserratpopulated place
3578193Drummond’sDrummond’s,Drummonds Village,Drummond’sMSSaint Peter16.80065-62.197360America/Montserratpopulated place
3578195Dick HillMSSaint Georges16.77879-62.193150America/Montserratpopulated place
3578248BanksBanks,Banks VillageMSSaint Peter16.78374-62.214640America/Montserratpopulated place
3578169FrithMSSaint Peter16.7448-62.217980America/Montserratpopulated place
3578168GagesMSSaint Anthony16.72614-62.196780America/Montserratpopulated place
3578200Cudjoe HeadCudjoehead Village,Cuojoe HeadMSSaint Peter16.78441-62.208190America/Montserratpopulated place
9260783Garibaldi HillMS16.73958-62.230420America/Montserratpopulated place
3578096Morris’MSSaint Anthony16.68524-62.181930America/Montserratpopulated place
3578062RendezvousRendezvous,Rendezvous VillageMSSaint Peter16.80894-62.199580America/Montserratpopulated place
3578000Tuitt’sMSSaint Georges16.72137-62.168880America/Montserratpopulated place
3578085Old NorwoodMSSaint Peter16.78607-62.198420America/Montserratpopulated place
3577989WebbsWebbs,Webbs VillageMSSaint Anthony16.70549-62.216990America/Montserratpopulated place
3578040Saint Patrick’sSaint Patrick’s VillageMSSaint Anthony16.68808-62.197640America/Montserratpopulated place
3577987WeekesMSSaint Anthony16.72934-62.217420America/Montserratpopulated place

**Exploring Montserrat: A Geographer's Perspective**


Embarking on an exploration of Montserrat unveils a captivating journey through this Caribbean island nation's geography, offering insights into its cities, regions, and natural landscapes. As a geographer delving into the data of Montserrat's urban centers and geographic coordinates, one gains a deeper understanding of the island's unique characteristics and challenges.

Discovering Montserrat's Urban and Rural Areas**

Montserrat's urban centers are primarily clustered along its western coast, with the capital city of Plymouth historically serving as the focal point of economic and administrative activities. However, following the devastating eruptions of the Soufrière Hills volcano in the 1990s, much of Plymouth was abandoned and buried under volcanic ash. Today, the town of Brades serves as the de facto capital, while other urban areas such as Salem and St. John's continue to support the island's population.

In contrast to the urban areas, Montserrat's rural communities are scattered across the island's lush interior and rugged coastline. These communities engage in agriculture, fishing, and tourism, contributing to the island's economy and cultural heritage.

Mapping Montserrat's Geographic Coordinates**

Obtaining the latitude and longitude coordinates of Montserrat's cities and towns allows geographers to analyze spatial patterns and understand the distribution of human settlements across the island. From the northern village of St. John's to the southern tip of the island, these coordinates reveal the diversity of landscapes and ecosystems that characterize Montserrat's geography.

Challenges and Resilience**

Montserrat faces a range of geographic challenges, including the ongoing threat of volcanic activity, limited land area, and vulnerability to natural disasters such as hurricanes and tropical storms. However, the island's residents have demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of adversity, rebuilding their communities and infrastructure in the aftermath of volcanic eruptions and environmental hazards.

Opportunities for Sustainable Development**

Despite its challenges, Montserrat possesses significant opportunities for sustainable development, including the preservation of its natural beauty, promotion of eco-tourism, and diversification of its economy. By harnessing renewable energy sources, investing in education and infrastructure, and fostering community resilience, Montserrat can pave the way for a brighter and more resilient future.


In conclusion, exploring Montserrat's geography from a geographer's perspective reveals a dynamic interplay between human activities and natural forces. By obtaining data on its cities, regions, and geographic coordinates, we gain valuable insights into the island's past, present, and future. As Montserrat continues to navigate the complexities of the 21st century, the role of geographers in analyzing, interpreting, and shaping its geographic landscape remains essential. Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability, Montserrat can chart a course toward prosperity and well-being for generations to come.

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