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Last update : 19 May 2024.

Number of cities

Below is a list of 100 prominent cities in Seychelles. Each row includes a city's latitude, longitude, region and other variables of interest. This is a subset of all 40 places in Seychelles that you'll find in our World Cities Database. You're free to use the data below for personal or commercial applications. The data below can be downloaded in .csv, .json, .xml and .json formats. Notable Cities: The capital of Seychelles is Victoria.

8629285Grand AnseSCGrand Anse Praslin-4.3310955.722060Indian/Mahepopulated place
10793687Anse des GenetsSCPointe Larue-4.6732355.51310Indian/Mahepopulated place
241442Anse Volbert VillageSCBaie Sainte Anne-4.3166755.733330Indian/Mahepopulated place
241214Port GlaudSCPort Glaud-4.6625655.418412174Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
241423Bel OmbreBel Ombre,Belle OmbreSCBel Ombre-4.6166755.416674163Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
11694888Cap SamySCBaie Sainte Anne-4.3303655.76008230Indian/Mahepopulated place
11003008Pointe Au SelSCAu Cap-4.7283455.524160Indian/Mahepopulated place
6691843Cote d’OrSCBaie Sainte Anne-4.3199755.753380Indian/Mahepopulated place
241257MisereLa Misere,MisereSCGrand Anse Mahe-4.6666755.466670Indian/Mahepopulated place
241357De Quincey VillageDe Quincey Village,De Quincy VillageSCAnse Etoile-4.602655.456920Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694887Anse LazioSCBaie Sainte Anne-4.2958355.70249210Indian/Mahepopulated place
241443Anse RoyaleAnse Royal,Anse RoyaleSCAnse Royale-4.7333355.516673818Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
11822653North IslandSCOuter Islands-4.3934255.244070Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694894FairviewSCPlaisance-4.6587755.464310Indian/Mahepopulated place
10792304Anse aux PinsSCAnse-aux-Pins-4.703455.520550Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694896Roche CaïmanSCRoche Caiman-4.640155.468790Indian/Mahepopulated place
11103219La PasseSCLa Digue-4.3480855.832690Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
11694891Mont BuxtonSCMont Buxton-4.6163855.4482176Indian/Mahepopulated place
241448Anse BoileauSCAnse Boileau-4.7166755.483334183Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
11395546Vista do MarSCGlacis-4.5757855.43680Indian/Mahepopulated place
11184853Ile au CerfSCMont Fleuri-4.6310855.492780Indian/Mahepopulated place
241395CascadeSCCascade-4.6691555.499524088Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
10629843Silhouette IslandSilhouetteSCOuter Islands-4.4859955.252620Indian/Mahepopulated place
241287L’EspéranceSCAnse Boileau-4.7166755.483330Indian/Mahepopulated place
241303La RéunionSCLa Digue-4.3554455.835270Indian/Mahepopulated place
11257135Pointe La RueSC-4.680855.521080Indian/Mahepopulated place
241427Beau VallonBeau VallonSCBeau Vallon-4.6209155.430154142Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
6691844Anse KerlanSCGrand Anse Praslin-4.3052455.68450Indian/Mahepopulated place
241150TakamakaSCTakamaka-4.7666755.52580Indian/Maheseat of a first-order administrative division
11694889Bel AirSCBel Air-4.6294755.4454745Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694885Maldive VillageSCAnse Etoile-4.5909355.4522515Indian/Mahepopulated place
10860737Quatre BornesSCTakamaka-4.7787355.510120Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694892Saint AnneSCLes Mamelles-4.6136255.496660Indian/Mahepopulated place
241276MachabeeSCGlacis-4.5652355.44570Indian/Mahepopulated place
241131VictoriaBiktoria,Fiktoria,Mahe,Mahé,Port Victoria,Victoria,Victoria pa Seychellane,Victoria på Seychellane,Victòria,Viktori,Viktoria,Viktorii,Viktorija,Viktorio,Viktoriya,Viktorya,Viktoryja,Wiktoria,bigtolia,fyktwrya,vhiktoriya,vikatori’a,viktoriya,vuikutoria,wei duo li ya,wiktxreiy,wyktwrya,wyqtwryh,Βικτόρια,Βικτώρια,Виктори,Виктория,Викторија,Вікторыя,Вікторія,Վիկտորիա,ויקטוריה,فيكتوريا,وکٹوریا,وکٹوریہ,ویکتوریا,ڤیکتۆریا، سیشێل,व्हिक्टोरिया,ਵਿਕਟੋਰੀਆ,விக்டோரியா,วิกตอเรีย,ཝིག་ཐོ་རི་ཡ།,ვიქტორია,ቪክቶሪያ፥ ሲሸልስ,ヴィクトリア,維多利亞,维多利亚,빅토리아SCEnglish River-4.6200155.4550122881Indian/Mahecapital of a political entity
11694895Saint LouisSCSaint Louis-4.6245755.4444186Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694884La GougeSCAnse Etoile-4.5909355.44620Indian/Mahepopulated place
8693252Eden IslandSCMont Fleuri-4.6387555.476790Indian/Mahepopulated place
10793745Baie LazareSCBaie Lazare-4.7497155.47540Indian/Mahepopulated place
11694893South PointSCMont Fleuri-4.6393755.503440Indian/Mahepopulated place

**Exploring the Unique Geography of Seychelles**

Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is a tropical paradise renowned for its stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, and rich biodiversity. As a geographer, delving into the geographical intricacies of Seychelles unveils a captivating narrative of island life, environmental conservation, and sustainable development. In this exploration, we will dive into obtaining data on Seychelles' cities, regions, and departments, as well as the latitude and longitude of each city, providing insights into the country's unique geography and cultural heritage.

Mapping Seychelles' Urban Centers**

Seychelles' urban landscape is characterized by its vibrant capital, Victoria, situated on the main island of Mahé. Beyond Victoria, the archipelago is dotted with smaller towns and villages, each contributing to the country's cultural tapestry and economic vibrancy. From the bustling markets of Beau Vallon to the serene coastal villages of La Digue and Praslin, Seychelles' urban centers offer a glimpse into island life, blending Creole traditions with modern amenities. Obtaining data on Seychelles' cities involves not only capturing their geographical coordinates but also understanding their socio-economic dynamics, infrastructure development, and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Exploring Seychelles' Regions and Departments**

Seychelles comprises over 115 islands, each with its own unique geographical features and ecological significance. The country is divided into 26 administrative regions, encompassing the main granitic islands as well as numerous smaller coral islands and atolls. From the lush hills of Mahé to the granite boulders of La Digue and the coral reefs of Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles' regions showcase a diverse array of landscapes and ecosystems. Obtaining data on Seychelles' regions and departments requires not only delineating their boundaries but also understanding their ecological importance, biodiversity conservation efforts, and sustainable tourism practices.

Navigating Seychelles' Latitude and Longitude**

As we explore Seychelles' geographical diversity, latitude and longitude serve as indispensable tools for navigation and mapping. Situated just south of the equator, Seychelles enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures year-round. The country's geographical coordinates provide insights into its location within the Indian Ocean, its proximity to neighboring island nations, and its susceptibility to environmental phenomena such as cyclones and ocean currents. Obtaining accurate latitude and longitude data for Seychelles' cities and landmarks is essential for understanding the country's spatial orientation, environmental resilience, and cultural heritage.

Embracing Seychelles' Geography**

In conclusion, Seychelles' geography is a testament to the country's natural beauty, cultural diversity, and commitment to environmental conservation. As geographers, let us continue to explore the intricacies of Seychelles' islands, documenting their ecological treasures, cultural heritage, and sustainable development practices. By obtaining data on Seychelles' cities, regions, and geographical coordinates, we can contribute to the preservation and appreciation of this unique archipelago for generations to come.

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