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San Marino

Last update : 15 July 2024.

San Marino
San Marino
Number of cities

Below is a list of 100 prominent cities in San Marino. Each row includes a city's latitude, longitude, region and other variables of interest. This is a subset of all 24 places in San Marino that you'll find in our World Cities Database. You're free to use the data below for personal or commercial applications. The data below can be downloaded in .csv, .json, .xml and .json formats. Notable Cities: The capital of San Marino is San Marino.

11205482LesignanoSM43.9617512.48420Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
3177260FalcianoFal’chano,Falcianas,Falciano,Falčianas,falkyanw,Фальчано,فالکیانوSMSerravalle43.9833312.51481000Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
8199068TorracciaTorraccia,Torrachija,Торрачия,ТоррачіяSM43.9524212.50725250150Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
8199069Santa MustiolaSMSan Marino43.9338812.438580Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
8199073Cà RigoSMBorgo Maggiore43.9427812.445480Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
3183500AcquavivaAcquavivaSMAcquaviva43.9459312.41851530Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
7302190MurataSMSan Marino43.9201512.451460Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
8199072CasoleSMSan Marino43.9169712.444420Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
3177542DomagnanoDomagnano,MontelupoSMDomagnano43.9496112.468283161Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
3168070San MarinoAgios Marinos,Altepetl San Marino,Cathair San Mairine,Cathair San Mairíne,Ceety o San Marino,Cidade de San Marino,Cita e San Marino,Citad da San Marino,Citta di San Marino,Città di San Marino,City of San Marino,Cità e San Marino,Ciuda de San Marino,Ciudad de San Marino,Ciudá de San Marino,Ciutat de San Marino,Civitas Sancti Marini,Dinas San Marino,Ilu San Marino,Ker San Marino,Kêr San Marino,Orasul San Marino,Orașul San Marino,SAI,Saint-Marin,San Marinas,San Marino,San Marino Citta,San Marino Città,San Marino by,San Marino i San Marino,San Marino sehri,San Marino şehri,San Marins,San Maríno,San Marínó,San-Marino,San-Maryna,Sanmarino,Sanmarīno,Sant Marin,Sao Marino,Sen Maren,Sita de San Marin,Sita ed San Marin,Sità de San Marin,Sità ëd San Marin,Stadt San Marino,São Marino,Thanh pho San Marino,Thành phố San Marino,Ville de Saint-Marin,ceyint marino nakaram,san ma ri no,san marynw almdynt,san-marino,sanmalino,sanmarino,sanmarino shi,sheng ma li nuo,sheng ma lian nu cheng,sn marynw,sn mrynw,Ìlú San Màrínò,Άγιος Μαρίνος,Сан Марино,Сан-Марино,Сан-Марына,Սան Մարինո,סן מרינו,سان مارينو المدينة,سان مارینو شہر,سان مارینۆ,سان مرینو شہر,سن مارینو,செயின்ட் மரினோ நகரம்,ซานมารีโน,སན་མ་རི་ནོ།,სან-მარინო,ሳን ማሪኖ,サンマリノ,サンマリノ市,聖馬力諾,聖馬連奴城,산마리노SMSan Marino43.9366712.446394500Europe/San_Marinocapital of a political entity
3172906Monte GiardinoMondesciardine,Mondesciardìne,Mons Viridarium,Montedzardinas,Montedzhardino,Montedžardinas,Montegiardino,Montehdzhardyna,Montejardin,Montejardino,Monteđardino,meng tai ji a di nuo,montejaleudino,montejarudino,mwntg’ʼrdynw,mwnth‌jyardynw,mwntےjardynw,Монтеджардино,Монтеджардіно,Монтеђардино,Монтэджардына,Մոնտեջարդինո,מונטג’ארדינו,مونته‌جیاردینو,مونتےجاردینو,モンテジャルディーノ,蒙泰吉阿迪诺,몬테자르디노SMMontegiardino43.9087812.48201910Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
3176966FiorentinoF’jorehntyna,F’orentino,Fiorendine,Fiorendìne,Fiorentin,Fiorentinas,Fiorentino,Fjorentino,Florentinum,fei ao lun di nuo,fiorentino,fywrntynw,piolentino,pywrntynw,Фйорентіно,Фьорентино,Фјорентино,Ф’ёрэнтына,Ֆիորենտինո,פיורנטינו,فیورنتینو,フィオレンティーノ,菲奥伦蒂诺,피오렌티노SMFiorentino43.9100112.457382510Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
8199066VentosoSM43.9546412.440470Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
8199070CerbaiolaSMMontegiardino43.9034612.476830Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
3177299FaetanoFaehtana,Faehtano,Faetan,Faetanas,Faetano,Faetanum,fa er qi ya nuo,faetano,faytanw,fyٹanw,pa-etano,pʼtʼnw,Фаетано,Фаэтана,Фаэтано,Ֆաետանո,פאטאנו,فائتانو,فیٹانو,ファエターノ,法尔齐亚诺,파에타노SMFaetano43.9283112.497981177Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
7302185GualdiccioloSMAcquaviva43.9498212.407260Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
6941147FiorinaSMSerravalle43.9579812.476860Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
8199067CailungoSM43.9518612.45360Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
3166645SerravalleOlnanum,Seravale,Seravalė,Seravałe,Serravalle,sai la wa lai,selaballe,seravuarre,srwalh,syrafally,Серавале,Серравалле,סראוואלה,سرواله,سيرافاللي,セラヴァッレ,塞拉瓦莱,세라발레SMSerravalle43.9689712.481679258Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
3177564DoganaDogana,Ntonkana,do kana,dwgana,Ντογκάνα,Догана,دوگانا,โดกานาSMSerravalle43.9803412.490510Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
8199071ValdragoneSM43.9402112.456220Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
11205481PiandivelloSMDomagnano43.9500312.486690Europe/San_Marinopopulated place
3181793Borgo MaggioreBorga-Madzhoreh,Borgo Madzore,Borgo Madžorė,Borgo Maggiore,Borgo Majore,Borgo Mađore,Borgo-Madzhore,Burgus Maior,Mercatale,Merkatale,bo er ge·ma ji ou lei,boleugomajole,borugo・majjore,bwrgw majywrh,bwrgw mg’wrh,Борга-Маджорэ,Борго Мађоре,Борго-Маджоре,Меркатале,בורגו מג’ורה,بورگو ماجیوره,ボルゴ・マッジョーレ,博尔戈·马吉欧雷,보르고마조레SMBorgo Maggiore43.9419312.447386424Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division
3170472Poggio di ChiesanuovaChiesanuova,Ciesanova,Ecclesia Nova,K’ezanuova,Kiezanuova,Kjezanuova,Podzhio K’ezanuova,Poggio Chiesanuova,Poggio di Chiesanuova,Puggiu Cresianova,Puggiu Crèsianova,ji ai sa nu ou wa,kiesanuoba,kiezanuovua,kyyzanwwa,kyzanwwa,qyyzʼnwʼwbh,К’єзануова,Кьезануова,Кјезануова,К’езануова,Поджіо К’єзануова,Կիեզանուովա,קייזאנואובה,کیئزانووا,کیزانووا,キエザヌオーヴァ,基埃萨努欧瓦,키에사누오바SMChiesanuova43.9045112.42142951Europe/San_Marinoseat of a first-order administrative division

**Exploring San Marino: A Geographer's Perspective**

Nestled within the picturesque landscape of the Italian peninsula lies the enigmatic microstate of San Marino. As a geographer delves into the intricate details of this tiny nation, the quest to obtain data on San Marino's cities, regions, and geographical coordinates unveils a fascinating narrative of history, culture, and geographical diversity. Join us as we embark on a journey through the hills and valleys of San Marino, uncovering the essence of its unique identity and geographical charm.

Mapping San Marino's Urban Centers**

San Marino's urban landscape is characterized by its historic city centers, nestled atop rugged hills and surrounded by breathtaking panoramas. From the ancient capital of San Marino, with its medieval fortifications and cobblestone streets, to the charming town of Borgo Maggiore, perched on a hill overlooking the valley below, and the picturesque village of Serravalle, nestled among verdant vineyards, each urban center tells a story of resilience and cultural heritage. For a geographer, obtaining data on San Marino's cities involves not only documenting their geographical coordinates but also understanding their historical significance, architectural heritage, and socioeconomic dynamics within the context of the country's unique political status and geographical constraints.

Exploring San Marino's Regions and Districts**

Despite its small size, San Marino is divided into several administrative regions and districts, each with its own distinct character and cultural identity. From the rugged terrain of Mount Titano, crowned by the ancient towers of San Marino City, to the fertile plains of Domagnano and the scenic valleys of Fiorentino and Faetano, each region offers a glimpse into San Marino's rich natural beauty and agricultural traditions. For a geographer, obtaining data on San Marino's regions and districts entails not only delineating their boundaries but also analyzing their topography, climate, and land use patterns to understand their role in shaping the country's cultural landscape and socioeconomic development.

Navigating San Marino's Latitude and Longitude**

In the pursuit of geographical knowledge, latitude and longitude serve as indispensable tools for navigating San Marino's rugged terrain and pinpointing the location of its cities, landmarks, and natural features. From the northern reaches of Mount Titano, where San Marino City is perched at an elevation of over 700 meters above sea level, to the southern tip of Monte Pulito, near the border with Italy, each geographical coordinate offers insights into San Marino's spatial orientation, climatic variations, and ecological diversity. For a geographer, obtaining accurate latitude and longitude data is essential for mapping San Marino's geographic position within the Italian peninsula and understanding its significance for regional geopolitics, environmental conservation, and cultural exchange.

Embracing San Marino's Geography**

As we traverse the hills and valleys of San Marino, let us not only collect data but also embrace the spirit of exploration, discovery, and appreciation for this unique and resilient nation. From the ancient towers of San Marino City to the tranquil villages scattered across the countryside, from the rugged peaks of Mount Titano to the fertile plains below, San Marino's geography is a testament to the enduring spirit of its people and the timeless beauty of its landscape. As geographers, let us continue to unravel the mysteries of San Marino's geography, celebrating its diversity, heritage, and enduring legacy for generations to come.

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