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Last update : 20 June 2024.

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Below is a list of 100 prominent cities in Thailand. Each row includes a city's latitude, longitude, region and other variables of interest. This is a subset of all 84894 places in Thailand that you'll find in our World Cities Database. You're free to use the data below for personal or commercial applications. The data below can be downloaded in .csv, .json, .xml and .json formats. Notable Cities: The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.

1600911Ban Na PhaengBan Na Phaeng,banna phæng,บ้านนาแพงTHRoi Et16.32106103.841110Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8203770Ban Wang BakBan Wang Bak,ban wang bak,บ้านวังบากTHPhatthalung7.7168399.904080Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7762147Ban Khun Sa NaiBan Khun Sa Nai,บ้านขุนสาในTHMae Hong Son19.1259598.57750Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1950497Ban Wiang TaiBan Wiang Tai,บ้านเวียงใต้THChiang Rai20.2715100.087810Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7850811Ban Noen TabaekBan Noen Tabaek,บ้านเนินตะแบกTHChon Buri13.38806101.290940Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7854126Ban Khlong KhamBan Khlong Kham,ban khlxng kham,บ้านคลองขามTHChachoengsao13.56986101.882780Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8414033Ban Nong MaklueaBan Nong Makluea,ban hnxng makelux,บ้านหนองมะเกลือTHSukhothai17.0036199.950720Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7676761Ban Don TioBan Don Tio,ban dxn tiw,บ้านดอนติ้วTHSakon Nakhon17.84606103.884030Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7875937Ban Nong SimBan Nong Sim,ban hn xng sim,บ้านหนองสิมTHSi Sa Ket14.98353104.300110Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9105686Ban Kut NgongBan Kut Ngong,ban kud ngong,บ้านกุดโง้งTHNakhon Ratchasima14.6955101.632530Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7791241Ban Kho Klang Hua ThungBan Kho Klang Hua Thung,ban khx klang haw thung,บ้านค้อกลางหัวทุ่งTHChiang Mai18.5991799.282470Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8680893Ban Nong RueaBan Nong Ruea,ban hnxngreux,บ้านหนองเรือTHRoi Et16.08494103.652690Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1615554Ban Nong KhuBan Hnong Ku,Ban Nong Khu,ban hnxng khu,บ้านหนองคูTHNakhon Ratchasima14.97942101.942580Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8454540Ban Trai RatBan Trai Rat,ban tirratn,บ้านไตรรัตน์THKanchanaburi14.1660899.138080Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
6975975Ban Ba PaBan Ba Pa,ban ba pa,บ้านบาปะTHYala6.39769101.161250Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9282362Ban Khok LekBan Khok Lek,ban khok helk,บ้านโคกเหล็กTHBuriram14.80583103.151780Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8702292Ban SakromBan Sakrom,ban sk r xm,บ้านสกร็อมTHSurin14.80017103.448220Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7911588Ban PoBan Po,ban px,บ้านปอTHSongkhla7.37525100.4750Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8037203Ban Anurak BamrungBan Anurak Bamrung,บ้านอนุรักษ์บำรุงTHMukdahan16.52061104.716720Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1612391Ban ThatBan That,ban thatu,บ้านธาตุTHLoei17.71908101.715250Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7671896Ban Phatthana PhibanBan Phatthana Phiban,บ้านพัฒนาภิบาลTHBueng Kan17.94097103.948310Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1602604Ban Khlong Si FanBan Khlong Si Fan,ban khlxng si fan,บ้านคลองสีฟันTHPhetchabun16.66494101.214670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8242216Ban Bang DanBan Bang Dan,ban bang dan,บ้านบางดานTHNakhon Si Thammarat8.30856100.166890Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1615673Ban Nong KaiTHChon Buri13.31667101.150Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7926095Ban Bueng Ta ChanBan Bueng Ta Chan,banbung ta canthr,บ้านบึงตาจันทร์THTrat12.34528102.503440Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8341483Ban Bang Krak NokBan Bang Krak Nok,ban bang krak nxk,บ้านบางกรักนอกTHPhang Nga8.8633198.368860Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8565100Ban Huai KokBan Huai Kok,ban hwy kxk,บ้านห้วยกอกTHPhetchabun16.81847101.219250Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9110233Ban Nong PukBan Nong Puk,ban hn xng pu k,บ้านหนองปุ๊กTHNakhon Ratchasima15.07667102.697560Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8773305Ban Nong Hua SueaBan Nong Hua Suea,ban hnxng haw seux,บ้านหนองหัวเสือTHNakhon Nayok14.18597101.284830Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8341624Ban Tho KhangBan Tho Khang,ban thx khang,บ้านทอค้างTHPhang Nga8.52498.292190Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7671929Ban Don PhaengBan Don Phaeng,บ้านดอนแพงTHBueng Kan18.272103.993560Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9108400Ban Thep Chai MongkhonBan Thep Chai Mongkhon,ban theph chaymngkhl,บ้านเทพชัยมงคลTHNakhon Ratchasima14.33064102.374580Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1117863Ban Nai YaoBan Nai Yao,Ban Sai Yao,บ้านในเหยาTHTrang7.7769499.681560Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7792842Ban Mai Thung SonBan Mai Thung Son,บ้านใหม่ทุ่งสนTHChiang Mai18.1553198.288080Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8320378Ban Na WiangBan Na Wiang,banna weiyng,บ้านนาเวียงTHUbon Ratchathani15.48383105.279750Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9004041Ban Mai ChaiyaphonBan Mai Chaiyaphon,ban hım chay phr,บ้านใหม่ชัยพรTHKhon Kaen16.25669102.708610Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8338811Ban KoBan Ko,ban keaa,บ้านเกาะTHRatchaburi13.6953199.872060Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1599250Ban PalatBan Palat,ban plad,บ้านปลัดTHSurin14.53433103.481560Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1599947Ban Nong ProngBan Nong Plong,Ban Nong Prong,ban hnxng prng,บ้านหนองปรงTHBuriram14.65461102.976750Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8381035Ban Mae PhraoBan Mae Phrao,บ้านแม่พร้าวTHPhrae18.77917100.172750Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1462902Ban Yang Mae Om LanTH18.6508398.073060Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1602561Ban KhoBan Kho,ban khx,บ้านฆ้อTHTrat12.48828102.529670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8239814Ban NariBan Nari,banna ri,บ้านนารีTHNakhon Si Thammarat8.4141199.931970Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9004077Ban Non MueangBan Non Mueang,ban non meuxng,บ้านโนนเมืองTHKhon Kaen15.74858102.591250Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9283313Ban Nong WaengBan Nong Waeng,ban hnxng wæng,บ้านหนองแวงTHBuriram15.30242103.174560Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7850914Ban Nong LamduanBan Nong Lamduan,ban hnxng ladwn,บ้านหนองลำดวนTHChon Buri13.35994101.302670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1620325Ban Sa Khlo NuengBan Chakhro (1),Ban Sa Kau,Ban Sa Khlo Nueng,Ban Sa Kho,Bān Sa Kau,ban sra khol hnung,บ้านสระโคล่ หนึ่งTHPhitsanulok16.91281100.277940Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1604014Ban Don ChaiBan Don Chai,ban dxn chiy,บ้านดอนไชยTHPhayao19.32767100.170890Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8204684Ban Lan ChangBan Lan Chang,ban lan chang,บ้านลานช้างTHPhatthalung7.41803100.062920Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7421391Ban Doi LanBan Doi Lan,ban dxy lan,บ้านดอยล้านTHChiang Rai19.7656599.56150Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8386956Ban Tham SadaoBan Tham Sadao,ban tha sadea,บ้านถ้ำสะเดาTHKamphaeng Phet16.5301799.906220Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1602122Ban KhwaoBan Khwao,bankhewa,บ้านเขว้าTHBuriram15.39744103.083360Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1156455Ban Mae Sap TaiBan Mae Sap,Ban Mae Sap Tai,Ban Mea Sap,Ban Mea Sāp,บ้านแม่สาบใต้THChiang Mai18.8505398.700420Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8278904Ban Noen Mai NuanBan Noen Mai Nuan,ban nein mi nwl,บ้านเนินไม้นวลTHPhetchaburi12.9902299.825280Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
6866464Ban Khlong Nam OiBan Khlong Nam Oi,ban khlxng na xxy,บ้านคลองน้ำอ้อยTHNonthaburi13.9085100.473470Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9004466Ban Na Chan NueaBan Na Chan Nuea,banna can henux,บ้านนาจานเหนือTHKhon Kaen16.17058102.602110Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1601634Ban Mae KrathingTH18.35100.316670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7748599Ban Khok SuwanBan Khok Suwan,ban khok suwrrn,บ้านโคกสุวรรณTHUdon Thani17.35347103.255140Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1600531Ban Nong Chai WanBan Nong Chai Wan,ban hnxng chay wan,บ้านหนองชัยวานTHBueng Kan18.00125103.851670Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1154142Ban Ton NgaeBan Ton Nae,Ban Ton Ngae,บ้านต้นแงะTHLamphun18.6138398.994310Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8536078Ban Nong BuaBan Nong Bua,ban hnxngbaw,บ้านหนองบัวTHSi Sa Ket15.00492104.270280Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1597708Ban Tha RueaBan Tha Rua,Ban Tha Ruea,ban thareux,บ้านท่าเรือTHRayong12.64528101.505830Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8318307Ban Ruam ThaiBan Ruam Thai,ban rwm thiy,บ้านรวมไทยTHUbon Ratchathani15.84056105.082190Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7876638Ban SanuanBan Sanuan,ban snwn,บ้านสนวนTHSi Sa Ket14.73075104.201080Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7875903Ban Ling AiBan Ling Ai,ban ling xi,บ้านลิงไอTHSi Sa Ket14.98811104.392780Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8730970Ban Hin TangBan Hin Tang,ban hin tang,บ้านหินตั้งTHMaha Sarakham16.13472103.337560Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8761344Ban Na Khan HakBan Na Khan Hak,banna khan hak,บ้านนาคันหักTHSa Kaeo13.60975102.052110Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1156061Ban Na Po NueaBan Na Po Nua,Ban Na Po Nuea,banna px henux,บ้านนาป้อเหนือTHLampang18.3518699.540440Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9003708Ban Nong Nok KhianBan Nong Nok Khian,ban hnxng nk kheiyn,บ้านหนองนกเขียนTHKhon Kaen16.04756102.752110Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8243110Ban Thap KhwaiBan Thap Khwai,ban thab khway,บ้านทับควายTHNakhon Si Thammarat8.3263699.405060Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1597503Ban Thung SawangBan Thung Sawang,ban thung swang,บ้านทุ่งสว่างTHBuriram15.19792103.103810Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8651900Ban Kut WianBan Kut Wian,ban kud weiyn,บ้านกุดเวียนTHKalasin16.20281103.497280Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1597215Ban Wang YaoTH16.61667101.90Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8320386Ban Don Nam KhamBan Don Nam Kham,ban dxn nakha,บ้านดอนน้ำคำTHUbon Ratchathani15.40617105.305030Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7761909Ban Huai Mai HokBan Huai Mai Hok,ban hwy mi hk,บ้านห้วยไม้หกTHMae Hong Son18.2629298.1170Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1613351Ban Saphan LueakBan Saphan Luak,Ban Saphan Lueak,Ban Saphan Ruak,Ban Saphan Ruak (2),ban saphan leuxk,บ้านสะพานเลือกTHChanthaburi12.80392101.966750Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1157403Ban Huai SaiBan Huai Sai,Ban Huai Sai (3),ban hwy thir,บ้านห้วยไทรTHTrang7.5692299.435140Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7791087Ban PongBan Pong,ban png,บ้านปงTHChiang Mai18.7194799.202060Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1154212Ban Thung SamoBan Thung Samo,Ban Tung Smo,ban thung smx,บ้านทุ่งสมอTHKanchanaburi14.0693999.658580Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8065364Ban Phang 32Ban Phang 32,Ban Phang Sam Sip Song,ban phang samsib sxng,บ้านผัง สามสิบสองTHSatun6.8881999.919780Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8749361Ban Noen MuangBan Noen Muang,ban nein mwng,บ้านเนินม่วงTHPrachin Buri13.99189101.623390Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8241782Ban Don ChikBan Don Chik,ban dxn cik,บ้านดอนจิกTHNakhon Si Thammarat8.15772100.101110Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7884475Ban Nikhom PhatthanaBan Nikhom Phatthana,บ้านนิคมพัฒนาTHSongkhla7.04364100.24350Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8455662Ban Sa ChokBan Sa Chok,ban sra cxk,บ้านสระจอกTHKanchanaburi13.8495399.728420Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8136579Ban Dong TakhopBan Dong Takhop,ban dng takhb,บ้านดงตะขบTHUttaradit17.65642100.080420Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1599642Ban Nong WiwatTH11.83333102.783330Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9004686Ban Non PhoBan Non Pho,ban non phothi,บ้านโนนโพธิTHKhon Kaen15.82822102.862830Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9003562Ban Suk ChaiBan Suk Chai,ban sukhcı,บ้านสุขใจTHKhon Kaen16.69339102.914390Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7788754Ban Mae Sa Nga TaiBan Mae Sa Nga Tai,บ้านแม่สะงะใต้THChiang Mai18.7918998.420190Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7887335Ban Then KaeoBan Then Kaeo,บ้านเถรแก้วTHSongkhla7.7355100.369250Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8386816Ban Bo Thong DaengBan Bo Thong Daeng,บ้านบ่อทองแดงTHKamphaeng Phet16.5107299.514440Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8338322Ban Don Makok PhatthanaBan Don Makok Phatthana,บ้านดอนมะกอกพัฒนาTHRatchaburi13.334599.447690Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1884167Ban Tha SangBan Tha Sang,ba nthasang,บ้านท่าสังTHUdon Thani17.04631103.031450Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
9003577Ban Nong Nok KhianBan Nong Nok Khian,ban hnxng nk kheiyn,บ้านหนองนกเขียนTHKhon Kaen16.69833102.86650Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8324186Ban Bang KaBan Bang Ka,ban bang ka,บ้านบางกาTHSurat Thani9.0230398.904470Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
8704779Ban Phon DuanBan Phon Duan,ban phon d wn,บ้านโพนดวนTHSurin15.26392103.751190Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
7319279Ban Mae SalakBan Mae Salak,บ้านแม่สลักTHChiang Mai20.0365899.477140Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1154466Ban Tha PongBan Dha Bhong,Ban Ta Pong,Ban Tah Pong,Ban Tha Pong,Tha Pong,ban tha pong,บ้านท่าโป่งTHKanchanaburi14.1460699.295580Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1613652Ban Chai KhliBan Chai Khli,Ban Sai Di,Ban Sie Ki,Ban Thai Ki,Takhi,ban chay khli,บ้านชัยคลีTHPrachin Buri14.17278101.520830Asia/Bangkokpopulated place
1615499Ban Nong KradanBan Nong Kadan,Ban Nong KradanTHPrachin Buri13.91667101.683330Asia/Bangkokpopulated place

**Exploring Thailand: Insights from a Geographer**

Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a country renowned for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and rich history. As a geographer delving into the geographical intricacies of this diverse nation, the quest for data on its cities, regions, and geographical coordinates unveils a narrative of geographical diversity, cultural heritage, and environmental significance waiting to be discovered.

Cities of Thailand: Urban Centers of Tradition and Modernity**

Thailand's cities are not just bustling metropolises but dynamic reflections of the country's rich cultural tapestry and economic dynamism. From the vibrant streets of Bangkok, the capital city, to the historic charm of Chiang Mai and the coastal allure of Phuket, each city offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Acquiring data on these cities provides insights into their demographics, economic activities, and cultural landmarks that shape Thailand's urban landscape.

Regions and Departments of Thailand: Exploring Natural and Cultural Diversity**

Beyond the cities, Thailand's regions and departments showcase the country's diverse ecosystems and cultural heritage. From the lush jungles of the north to the pristine beaches of the south and the cultural treasures of the central plains, each region boasts its own unique attractions. Gathering data on these regions offers valuable information on conservation efforts, environmental protection initiatives, and cultural preservation practices aimed at safeguarding Thailand's natural and cultural heritage for future generations.

Latitude and Longitude of Thailand: Navigating the Country's Coordinates**

As a geographer, obtaining precise latitude and longitude data for each city of Thailand is essential for understanding its geographical layout and spatial distribution. These coordinates serve as navigational aids, guiding explorers through the country's diverse terrain and cultural landmarks. From the ancient temples of Ayutthaya to the remote villages of the hill tribes and the serene islands of the Andaman Sea, each point on the map signifies a unique geographical feature and cultural landmark, shaping Thailand's identity as a land of contrasts and natural beauty.

Conclusion: Mapping Thailand's Geographical Essence**

In the pursuit of data on Thailand's cities, regions, and geographical coordinates, a deeper narrative emerges — one of geographical diversity, cultural richness, and environmental significance. It is a narrative that celebrates the country's vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and rich history, reflecting a profound connection between its people and the land. As a geographer, unraveling this tapestry of geographical intricacies is not just a scholarly pursuit but a journey of discovery and appreciation for the wonders of our planet's landscapes.

Thailand beckons — a land of endless exploration, waiting to be understood, cherished, and celebrated for its geographical marvels and cultural treasures.

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