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Last update : 19 May 2024.

Number of cities

Below is a list of 100 prominent cities in Curacao. Each row includes a city's latitude, longitude, region and other variables of interest. This is a subset of all 48 places in Curacao that you'll find in our World Cities Database. You're free to use the data below for personal or commercial applications. The data below can be downloaded in .csv, .json, .xml and .json formats. Notable Cities: The capital of Curacao is Willemstad.

3513273Santa KrusCW12.30155-69.129970America/Curacaopopulated place
7302257Coral Estate Rif St. MarieCW12.20902-69.073280America/Curacaopopulated place
3513214SlangenbaaiCW12.13333-68.983330America/Curacaopopulated place
3513190Su CasaCW12.11667-68.966670America/Curacaopopulated place
3513286San PedroCW12.25-69.033330America/Curacaopopulated place
3513187Suffisant DorpSuffisant DorpCW12.15-68.916670America/Curacaopopulated place
3513221Sint Michiel LiberSint Michiel LiberCW12.15-68.983335138America/Curacaopopulated place
3513090WillemstadVilemstad,Vilemstadas,Vilemstade,Vilemstado,Villemstad,Villemstant,Villemştad,Willemstad,Willemsted,Willemstêd,billemseutateu,uiremusutatto,vilemastada,villemstatu,wei lian si ta de,willems tad,wylmstad,Βίλλεμσταντ,Вилемстад,Виллемстад,Вілемстад,Віллемстад,וילמסטאד,ويلمستاد,ویلمستاد,ویلمسٹیڈ,विलेमश्टाड,வில்லெம்ஸ்டாடு,วิลเลมสตัด,ვილემსტადი,ウィレムスタット,威廉斯塔德,빌렘스타트CW12.12246-68.88641125000America/Curacaocapital of a political entity
3513445NewportNewport,Nieuwpoort,Nieuwpoort CuracaoCW12.05-68.816670America/Curacaopopulated place
3513184Suriname DorpCW12.15-68.933330America/Curacaopopulated place
3513466Montan’i ReiMontan’i Rei,Montange,Montanja di Reij,Montanje,Montan’i ReiCW12.1-68.866670America/Curacaopopulated place
3513322RoosendaalRoosendaal,RozendaalCW12.13333-68.950America/Curacaopopulated place
6692389Boca St. MichielCW12.14335-68.994870America/Curacaopopulated place
3513885Boka SamíCW12.13333-68.983330America/Curacaopopulated place
3513285San PedroCW12.38333-69.150America/Curacaopopulated place
3513781De HoopCW12.13333-68.950America/Curacaopopulated place
3513405PareraPareira,PareraCW12.1-68.916670America/Curacaopopulated place
3513753EmmastadEmmastad,EmmstadCW12.13333-68.916670America/Curacaopopulated place
3513759Dorp WestpuntCW12.36667-69.133330America/Curacaopopulated place
3513074ZeelandiaZeelandiaCW12.11667-68.90America/Curacaopopulated place
3513264Santa RosaSanta RosaCW12.11667-68.883330America/Curacaopopulated place
3513636JanwéCW12.1-68.90America/Curacaopopulated place
3513351RanchoCW12.15-68.916670America/Curacaopopulated place
3513643Jan DoretCW12.15-68.966670America/Curacaopopulated place
3513722GatoCW12.16571-68.964960America/Curacaopopulated place
3513856Buena VistaCW12.13333-68.950America/Curacaopopulated place
3513548LagúnDorp Lagoen,Dorp Lagun,Dorp Lagún,LagoenCW12.32206-69.15044289America/Curacaopopulated place
3513640Jan ThielDamascus,Jan Thiel,Jan TielCW12.08333-68.866670America/Curacaopopulated place
3513608Kas ChikituCas Chikitoe,Kas ChikituCW12.11667-68.966670America/Curacaopopulated place
3513861BrievengatBrievengatCW12.15-68.90America/Curacaopopulated place
3513692Groot KwartierCW12.13333-68.916670America/Curacaopopulated place
7302156Santa CatharinaCW12.14188-68.836380America/Curacaopopulated place
3513226Sint JozefsdalSint Josefsdal,Sint Jozefdal,Sint JozefsdalCW12.28333-69.083330America/Curacaopopulated place
8629284DanielCW12.20904-69.020660America/Curacaopopulated place
3513574KolontjieCW12.11667-68.90America/Curacaopopulated place
11979578KashutuinCW12.20617-69.020630America/Curacaopopulated place
3513936BarberBarberCW12.29014-69.073892424America/Curacaopopulated place
3513736Fortuna AbouFortuna Abau,Fortuna Abou,Fortuna AbuCW12.16667-68.916670America/Curacaopopulated place
8556394Grote BergCW12.19239-68.998260America/Curacaopopulated place
3513761Dorp SotoDorp Soto,SotoCW12.27749-69.11252233America/Curacaopopulated place
3513625JulianadorpJulianadorp,JuliandorpCW12.15-68.950America/Curacaopopulated place
3513558Kura JuriKoera Joeri,Kura JuriCW12.35-69.150America/Curacaopopulated place
3513762Dorp Sint WillebrordusDorp Sint Willebrordus,Dorp Sint Willibrordus,Sint Willebrordus,WillebrordusCW12.21537-69.06246465America/Curacaopopulated place
3784258Piedras NegrasCW12.14444-68.938330America/Curacaopopulated place
3513103WeitjeCW12.01667-68.983330America/Curacaopopulated place
3513312Sabana WestpuntSabana Westpunt,WestpuntCW12.37047-69.15405783America/Curacaopopulated place
3513763Dorp Sint MichielDorp Sint Michiel,Sint MichielCW12.13333-68.983330America/Curacaopopulated place
3513104WeisWeis,Weis Afo,Weis AfóCW12.15-68.933330America/Curacaopopulated place

Exploring Curaçao: A Geographer's Perspective**

Nestled in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, Curaçao is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. As a geographer setting out to unravel the mysteries of this captivating island nation, the quest for data on its cities, regions, and geographical coordinates unveils a treasure trove of diversity and geographical significance.

Cities of Curaçao: Guardians of History and Culture**

Curaçao's cities are not just urban centers but living embodiments of the island's rich history and cultural heritage. From the colorful streets of Willemstad, the capital city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the tranquil charm of Westpunt and the bustling energy of Sint Michiel, each city tells a unique story of resilience and cultural fusion. Gathering data on these cities provides insights into their population dynamics, economic activities, and architectural wonders that dot the landscape.

Regions and Departments of Curaçao: Exploring the Island's Diversity**

Beyond the city limits, Curaçao's regions and departments offer a glimpse into its diverse landscapes and ecosystems. From the rugged cliffs of Christoffel National Park to the serene beaches of Blue Bay and the coral reefs of Klein Curaçao, each region boasts its own unique natural beauty and ecological significance. Obtaining data on these regions sheds light on their environmental resources, conservation efforts, and sustainable tourism initiatives aimed at preserving the island's pristine environment for future generations.

Latitude and Longitude of Curaçao: Navigating the Island's Coordinates**

As a geographer, obtaining precise latitude and longitude data for each city of Curaçao is essential for understanding its geographical context and spatial distribution. These coordinates serve as navigational markers, guiding explorers through the island's diverse terrain and coastal waters. From the historic forts of Punda to the hidden coves of Lagun and the vibrant reefs of Playa Kalki, each point on the map tells a story of geographical significance and cultural heritage, shaping Curaçao's identity as a Caribbean paradise.

Conclusion: Mapping Curaçao's Geographical Legacy**

In the pursuit of data on Curaçao's cities, regions, and geographical coordinates, a deeper narrative emerges—one of diversity, resilience, and natural beauty. It is a narrative that transcends borders and boundaries, connecting people to the land and to each other. As a geographer, unraveling this tapestry of geographical intricacies is not just a scholarly pursuit but a journey of discovery and appreciation for the wonders of our planet.

Curaçao beckons—a land of endless exploration, waiting to be understood, cherished, and celebrated for its geographical marvels and cultural treasures.

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