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Last update : 20 June 2024.

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Below is a list of 100 prominent cities in Macao. Each row includes a city's latitude, longitude, region and other variables of interest. This is a subset of all 7 places in Macao that you'll find in our World Cities Database. You're free to use the data below for personal or commercial applications. The data below can be downloaded in .csv, .json, .xml and .json formats. Notable Cities: The capital of Macao is Macau.

1821294ZhuojiacunCheoc Ca Chun,Cheoc Ca Chün,Tcheok-Ka-Tchin,Tcheok-La-Tchin,Ts’ao-chia-ts’un,Ts’ao-chia-ts’un,Zhuojiacun,zhuo jia cun,卓家村MO22.16139113.556390Asia/Macaupopulated place
1821279Lai Chi VanLai Chi Van,Lizhiwan,Lui-Tchi-Van,Povoacao de Lai Chi Van,Povoação de Lai Chi Van,li zhi wan,荔枝碗MOSão Francisco Xavier22.11972113.551110Asia/Macaupopulated place
1821274MacauAomen,Aomin’,Au-mun,Aumwnz,Aumyn,Cidade de Macau,Cidade do Santo Nome de Deus de Macau,MFM,Ma Cao,Macao,Macau,Macaum,Makaa,Makaaw,Makao,Makaou,Makau,Makaw,Makawo,Makaó,Makee,Makèë,Màkáù,O-muong,ao men,maka,maka’o,maka’u,makao,makavu,makaw,makayw,makkavu,mkaw,Àu-mûn,Ó̤-muòng,Μακάου,Аоминь,Аумын,Макаа,Макао,מקאו,ئاۋمېن,ماكاو,ماکائو,مکاؤ,މަކާއޫ,मकाउ,मकाओ,মাকাউ,ਮਕਾਉ,મકાઉ,மக்காவு,మకావు,ಮಕಾವು,മകൗ,เขตบริหารพิเศษมาเก๊า,မကာအို,მაკაო,マカオ,澳門,澳门,마카오MO22.20056113.54611649335Asia/Macaucapital of a political entity
1821263TaipaDangzai,Lin-chia-ts’un,Lin-chia-ts’un,Taipa,Vila da Taipa,YFT,dang zi,氹仔MONossa Senhora do Carmo22.15583113.556940Asia/Macaupopulated place
6611390Jiu’aoJiu’ao,Jiu’ao,Ka Ho,Ká Hó,Povoacao de Ka Ho,Povoação de Ká Hó,jiu ao,九澳MOSão Francisco Xavier22.13306113.581390Asia/Macaupopulated place
1821292LuhuanColoane,Luhuan,lu huan,路环MOSão Francisco Xavier22.11806113.551940Asia/Macaupopulated place
1821288HeishaHac Sa,Hac-Tsa,Heisha,Hác Sá,Povoacao de Hac Sa,Povoação de Hác Sá,hei sha,黑沙MO22.11917113.567780Asia/Macaupopulated place

**Exploring Macao: Insights from a Geographer**

Nestled on the southeastern coast of China, Macao is a unique blend of East and West, where ancient traditions merge seamlessly with modern innovation. As a geographer delving into the intricate details of this vibrant city-state, the quest for data on its cities, regions, and geographical coordinates unveils a narrative of cultural richness, economic dynamism, and geographical significance waiting to be uncovered.

Cities of Macao: Fusion of Cultures and Progress**

Macao's cities are not merely urban centers but living reflections of its multicultural heritage and economic prowess. From the bustling streets of the Macao Peninsula to the serene islands of Taipa and Coloane, each cityscape tells a story of historical legacy and contemporary vibrancy. Acquiring data on these cities offers insights into their demographic composition, economic activities, and cultural landmarks that shape Macao's urban landscape.

Regions and Districts of Macao: Exploring the Territory's Diversity**

Beyond the city limits, Macao's regions and districts showcase the territory's diverse landscapes and cultural influences. From the historic charm of the Historic Centre of Macao to the natural beauty of Hac Sa Beach and the modern developments of Cotai, each region boasts its own unique attractions and identity. Gathering data on these regions provides a deeper understanding of their environmental features, conservation efforts, and urban planning initiatives aimed at preserving Macao's cultural and natural heritage.

Latitude and Longitude of Macao: Navigating the Territory's Coordinates**

As a geographer, obtaining precise latitude and longitude data for each city of Macao is essential for understanding its geographical layout and spatial distribution. These coordinates serve as navigational tools, guiding explorers through the territory's intricate network of streets, waterways, and landmarks. From the iconic Ruins of St. Paul's to the tranquil shores of Cheoc Van Beach and the bustling avenues of the Cotai Strip, each point on the map signifies a unique geographical feature and cultural landmark, shaping Macao's identity as a global city of distinction.

Conclusion: Mapping Macao's Geographical Essence**

In the pursuit of data on Macao's cities, regions, and geographical coordinates, a deeper narrative emerges—one of cultural fusion, economic resilience, and geographical significance. It is a narrative that celebrates the territory's rich history, dynamic present, and promising future. As a geographer, unraveling this tapestry of geographical intricacies is not just a scholarly pursuit but a journey of discovery and appreciation for the unique blend of East and West that defines Macao's identity.

Macao beckons—a territory of endless exploration, waiting to be understood, cherished, and celebrated for its geographical marvels and cultural treasures.

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